Fracture Repair

Healing fractures naturally

Breaking bones is part of life.  Generally, left to nature, they heal quite nicely.  However, if you’d like to hasten things along, here are some natural tips. 

First is First Aid

Follow the acronym.


 Rest Ice Compression Elevation Referral

Helping Nature Heal Faster

Take this window of opportunity to optimise your body’s healing process.

The homoeopathic remedy, Arnica, is fantastic in the early days after any fall or break to settle inflammation and reduce bruising. Take every two waking hours for 2-3 days. Following, for about two weeks, take Symphytum twice daily. Homoeopathic remedies can be taken as drops or pillules and are available from some health food stores or (see below).
Bone is by weight half protein, primarily collagen, the remainder of micronutrients. So, increasing protein intake by 20g daily for the next six weeks is essential to facilitate healing and repair. You can add protein-rich food to your diet or take a good-quality collagen supplement.

And then there are the micronutrients…. 20 to be exact; the following are the key players.
Vitamin C 500mg per day helps to heal and reduce pain.
Zinc and copper work synergistically in the formation of bone.
Calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D are the dynamic trio working collaboratively to strengthen the healing bone.
Silica is essential in bone collagen synthesis.

Released from Limbo

Although your limb is enforced limbo for 4-6 weeks, as soon as released, seek advice from a physiotherapist about rehabilitating lost mobility and muscle strength. is an Australian-owned company that distributes a large range of practitioner supplements. If you are an existing patient of Mim’s, you can request supplements, or contact Mim if you wish to join.
Designs for Health Whole Body Collagen
Bioceuticals Advacal Forte – calcium, copper, zinc, vitamin D
Heel Traumeel – contains both Arnica and Symphytum and can be used immediately and during healing process