Mim Beim

For the last 35 years, Mim Beim has practised naturopathy and explored the influence of breath on our health. She is one of Australia's foremost breathing educators and Buteyko practitioners. Her range of knowledge and experience was recognised in 2017 when she was honoured with the coveted 'Bioceuticals Excellence in Practice' Award



Thank you for your care and compassion over the years, I feel incredibly grateful to have had your guidance and gentle humour showing me the way.
I have always found Mim to be incredibly kind, genuine and of pure heart in my dealings with her. Anna - Naturopathic client
When I was waiting for my presentation at the conference, my heart was jumping out of my chest. I started practising the breathing technique you suggested and magically I was able to calm myself in a matter of minutes. Caitlyn Breathe Well Course
Huge thank you to Mim Beim and Patrick McKeown for presenting such a valuable Buteyko Breathing course over a fun week, especially given the Covid chaos that was unfolding each day across Australia at the time. Joseph - Buteyko Instructor
After working in the education space for over 20 years I can say Mim is one of the best. I’m grateful to have trained with her. She is an expert in her field and generous in her delivery of knowledge. Mim is the bomb. David - Buteyko Instructor

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