Mim Beim

Your Naturopath

Mim Beim is passionate about health and believes that everyone deserves to be healthy as they possibly can be. She is a herbalist, naturopath and breathing coach. Mim’s wide range of experience in all of these fields gives her the edge and the intuitive empathy in helping to diagnose and treat what is happening with your health.

Excellence in Practice Award

Naturopathic Consultations

The first consultation will take one hour. In this consultation, a full case history is taken, including, where relevant: health history, diet, family history, tongue diagnosis and iridology (iris diagnosis).

If you have relevant blood tests or medical reports, please email a scanned (pdf) copy to Mim before the consultation, or bring a copy to your appointment.

Treatment varies according to the condition and individual requirements and preferences and may include a change in diet, a herbal remedy or supplement, a referral (e.g. physiotherapist), breathing exercises, or simply patting your cat!

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Consultations with Mim Beim
In Person or Online

Mim has a thriving clinic in Cairns, Queensland, as well as offering phone or online (Zoom) consultations to clients in Australia & Worldwide

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