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Mim Beim is passionate about health and believes that everyone deserves to be healthy as they possibly can be. She is a herbalist, naturopath and breathing coach. Mim's wide range of experience in all of these fields gives her the edge and the intuitive empathy in helping to diagnose and treat what is happening with your health.


Communication is very important to the healing process. If you have any questions or changes to your health between consultations please do not hesitate to contact Mim. It is much better to have a quick chat or email at the time rather than wait until the next consultation. Please do not text messages (only email) as all correspondence will be recorded in your case file. There is no charge for this service.

Naturopathic Clinic

Mim has a thriving clinic in Mittagong in the Southern Highlands of NSW as well as offering online consultations (telehealth) to clients in Australia and worldwide.

In person, Zoom &/or Phone consultations:

  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays
For reasons of distance or circumstances, telephone or Zoom (Similar to Skype) consultations are available, although it’s always preferable if possible for the initial consultation to be face-to-face. Phone and Zoom consultations work surprisingly well.

We book a time for the hour-long consultation that suits you from work or home. I then give you a call (or send an email with a link to Zoom - you just need to click the link) at the appointed time. At the end of the consultation, I outline your health goals and recommend what you need to do or take. I then send you a summary of these recommendations by email, as well as your receipt. Payment can be by credit card or direct debit.

If required, medicines can be sent from the clinic, or via, an internet-based supplier of practitioner supplements. The charge for telephone or Zoom consultations are the same as in clinic. Please be aware of time-zone differences. AEST/AEDT is the time-zone used in clinic booking software.

If you require supplements between consultations, is an efficient and easy to use service that delivers a range of high-quality supplements. Mim will set you up as a client so you can order directly, as and when you need.

Mim has an extensive herbal dispensary, stocked with highest quality herbal extracts. Remedies can made and dispensed from her Mittagong clinic, picked up by arrangement, or sent via Australia Post.

Naturopathic consultations
In clinic or via phone/Zoom

  • Adult - first and further consultations: $155
  • Pension/Student/Child - first and further consultations: $145

Breathing retraining sessions
In clinic or via phone/Zoom

  • Adult - first and further consultations: $155
  • Full Pension/Student/Child - first and further consultations: $145

Further consultations allow one hour. Although every person and condition is different, generally the first consultation is followed by a second consultation 1, 2 or 4 weeks later. 

If you feel financial constraints prevent you from booking an appointment, please contact Mim.  A payment plan can be arranged. 

Due to difficulty in filling consultations at late notice, appointments cancelled within 48 hours may attract a cancellation fee. Please Contact Mim if you need to reschedule.

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