Perfect Your Breath with 30-minute Buteyko Classes at BreatheWell Gym

Guided proven technique, empowering you to optimize your breathing for enhanced wellness, vitality, and a life of optimal health. Join us on this breath-taking journey today.

Reduce snoring & Sleep Apnoea

Enhance sleep quality and duration. Wake refreshed

Science based, proven & effective

Explore this powerful sequence of breathing exercises

Instant & lasting benefits

Achieve greater calm, clarity, energy and focus 

Every class is live & interactive

Receive expert guidance with Buteyko coach, Mim Beim 

Mim Beim teaching Buteyko Breathing
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What is Buteyko Breathing?

Named after Ukrainian medical researcher Konstantin Buteyko, Buteyko Breathing is essentially, breathing retraining. Most people assume their breathing must be fine because they are still alive. However, dysfunctional breathing has a huge impact on your health. 

Benefits of Buteyko BreatheWell Gym

Better Sleep

Achieve the deep sleep your body needs. Enjoy a full night's rejuvenating sleep. Wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Increase Focus

Calm your mind. Increase clarity of thought, focus and concentration. Improve cognition, memory and learning ability.

Calm Anxiety

Soothe your nervous system. Modulate the flight or fight reaction and regulate your response to stressful situations.

Reduce Asthma & Sinus

Manage asthma and sinus naturally with proven Buteyko Breathing Techniques. Reduce the need for medication.

Quit snoring & Sleep Apnea

Treat snoring and minimise sleep apnoea. Breathing retraining helps restore healthy night-time breathing patterns.

Boost Fitness

Improve your physical performance. increase stamina, strength & endurance. Reduce recovery time.

Explore our range of services and choose the best fit to begin
your breathing transformation.

BreatheWell Gym


30 minutes classes

Each class flows through a series of breathing exercises designed to restore perfect breathing patterns. Ideal for beginners to expert breathers. Mim is on hand at every class to help with your technique.

Includes 5 BreatheWell Gym Class

Buteyko Course Online


2 X 2 hour workshops

The best place to learn the fundamentals of Buteyko Breathing. In a small group, Mim teaches you customized breathing exercises and the theory underpinning this life- changing technique.

Includes 5 BreatheWell Gym Class

BreatheWell Consultation


1 hour session

A personal consultation with Mim is available for those who cannot attend the BreatheWell course. Ideal if you prefer a more customised approach and for those who would like to combine naturopathic advice.

Includes 5 BreatheWell Gym Class

What students have to say about Buteyko BreatheWell Gym?

When I was waiting for my presentation at the conference, my heart was jumping out of my chest. I started practising the breathing technique you suggested and magically I was able to calm myself in a matter of minutes.

– Caitlyn

Loved the course

I knew I wasn’t breathing correctly. Found Mim’s course! It has changed so many aspects of my health already. Loved the course, found Mim to be friendly, funny and extremely supportive.

– Deb

Better energy

I normally huff and puff climbing stairs and I can’t walk and talk at the same time! The Buteyko breathing is making awesome improvements. My energy levels are improving and my shoulders are not so stiff.

– Adam

Science and practicality

I like science and practicality in a course. Mim delivered both. I had read books about breathing but found doing the course invaluable. A week down and I’m already starting to feel a shift in my breathing.

– Jacqui

Better sleep, less eczema

Heh Mim. The breathing course was AMAZING and I can’t thank you enough. Already have been sleeping better, eczema is calmer and I feel relaxed.

– Brie

Snoring less

My snoring is getting better and better, and I will keep up the exercises until it stops completely. I can’t wait to see if my sleep apnea has gone also when I do another sleep study.

– Matthew

Less asthma medication

Before I started the BreatheWell course for my asthma I was very hesitant. I thought it would be much harder than it actually was. After a few days I was shocked to find I had stopped using the reliever medication that I relied on heavily, and my breathing continues to improve.

– Susan

Kate Bell Model
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Buteyko breathing technique (BBT) focuses on reducing the effects of ‘chronic hyperventilation’ or over-breathing, a common cause of dysfunctional breathing. The exercises help to slow breathing and ensure that breathing occurs solely through the nose. By incorporating breath retention exercises, individuals can control the speed and volume of their breath, enabling them to breathe more slowly, calmly, and effectively.


Key Benefits of Buteyko Breathing


Relaxation of Smooth Muscle

Smooth muscle lines the airways, blood vessels, and digestive system. Constricted or contracted smooth muscle may lead to conditions such as asthma, reflux, high blood pressure, headaches, and irritable bowel syndrome. Individuals can relax smooth muscles by altering breathing patterns through Buteyko techniques, potentially alleviating these issues.

Calming the Nervous System

The Buteyko breathing technique activates the relaxing or parasympathetic nervous system, reducing the harmful effects of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. This results in an immediate reduction in anxiety and may help mitigate the long-term impacts of stress.

Increased Oxygen Delivery


Through the Bohr effect, the Buteyko breathing technique enhances oxygen delivery throughout the body, including the brain. This improvement in oxygenation can enhance memory, concentration, and energy levels. Additionally, improved circulation can benefit individuals with conditions like chilblains, Raynaud’s syndrome, and diabetes.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Belly or diaphragmatic breathing is the natural way humans are meant to breathe. However, many people lose this ability in childhood and adopt shallow chest breathing, which can lead to additional stress on upper body muscles and contribute to issues such as headaches, neck and shoulder tension, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain. 

Permanent Results

Participation in a Buteyko Breathing course can lead to immediate improvements in breathing. Furthermore, due to neuroplasticity, this technique can offer significant and potentially permanent solutions to various health problems.

The Buteyko Breathing Method offers a holistic approach to improving health by addressing the fundamental aspect of breathing. By implementing this technique, individuals can alleviate a range of health issues and enjoy long-term wellness benefits.

Mim Beim’s Breathe Well courses are based on Buteyko Breathing in addition to the work of Patrick McKeown, the world’s leading breathing educator. The training you receive in the Breathe Well course (or one on one sessions) will help to recalibrate the breathing centre in your brain, via neuroplasticity, to restore better breathing.

Most people feel better after the first lesson, and once training has concluded, these benefits are experienced in the long term. Each person is given specific breathing exercises relevant to their individual needs.

“I must be breathing OK, I’m still alive!” is a common refrain. However, you can be eating junk food all day long, or live your life on the couch without exercise, and you may still be alive; but how well are you? It’s the same with breathing. You may be breathing, but are you breathing well?

Signs your breathing may be below par include; mouth breathing, breathing with your chest rather than your belly, snoring, frequent yawning, sniffing or sighing, sore neck and shoulder muscles.

Take my free Breathing Quiz to see how well you breathe.

How long is a piece of string? Although most people notice improvement after the first session, some health conditions may take weeks to months for significant and permanent changes to occur. You may need to practice the breathing exercises for some time.

In general, the longer you have had the condition such as asthma, anxiety, or high blood pressure, the longer it takes to reverse. However, most people become hooked on the technique, as they notice a steady, positive improvement, and the breathing exercises themselves feel good to do.

You are born using your nose and diaphragm to breathe. Studies have shown that around 60% percent of adults identify as mouth breathers. Mouth breathing means having your mouth open while breathing. Problems associated with mouth breathing include restless sleep, daytime fatigue, snoring, bad breath, gum disease, dental cavities, poor concentration, reduced athletic performance, increased risks of coughs and colds, and even poor posture.

The Breathe Well course teaches you nasal and diaphragmatic (belly) breathing. You will be amazed at the difference good breathing makes.

Unlike going to the gym, where, if you stop attending for a few weeks, fitness levels drop, and you need to start from scratch, breathing retraining works by recalibrating your brain’s breathing centre, via repetitive breathing exercises creating new pathways via neuroplasticity. Once the breathing centre has been reset, good breathing patterns remain in place.

It sounds too good to be true, however, Breathe Well training is all about getting your breathing back to where it should be. Before you know it, your breathing will be restored, just as nature intended.

The level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in our body is what controls our breathing.

Carbon dioxide is produced in the body all the time. Carbon dioxide is a byproduct (along with water) in energy production. Every cell requires energy, and produces CO2.

The more active we are, the more energy is needed by muscle cells and the more CO2 is produced. That’s why we breathe more heavily when exercising.

When CO2 reaches a certain level, a signal is sent from the breathing centre in the brain, triggering an inhalation.

We exhale CO2 and a new breathing cycle starts.

If you have dysfunctional breathing, it’s likely your CO2 levels are ‘set’ too low.

The Buteyko breathing exercises have one thing in common…. Increasing CO2.

Over time, the Buteyko breathing exercises will recalibrate the CO2 levels to healthier levels.

Perfect your Breath with 30-Minute Buteyko Classes at BreatheWell Gym

We guide you through this proven technique, empowering you to optimize your breathing for enhanced wellness, vitality, and a life of optimal health. Join us on this breath-taking journey today.