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Any herbal teas I shouldn't drink when pregnant?

I love your preggers tea, drank it before, during and after my first pregnancy. We’re trying to get pregnant again and I’m just wondering if there any any herbal teas I shouldn’t drink when pregnant? Thanks


Melissa, glad you enjoyed Preggers. Generally herbal teas of most varieties are fine during pregnancy because a tea or infusion is the weakest form of herbal preparations as compared to tinctures, extracts and tablets. However, there are a few NO GO’s which include: andrographis, blue and black cohosh, corydalis, cat’s claw, golden seal, juniper, myrrh, pau d’arco, poke root, wormwood. The usual suspect herbal teas such as peppermint, chamomile, ginger are all fine. Hope this helps.

Kind regards, MIM

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