Co-enzyme Q10


Co-enzyme Q 10 is referred to as accessory nutrient, which makes it sound like it will go perfectly with that little black dress that works so well at cocktail parties.

However, accessory in this context means these nutrients differ from vitamins and minerals.

Our body is able to manufacture its own CoQ10, however, some people benefit from taking extra.

Ageing and antioxidants

You know you’ve made it as a supplement when they put you in a night cream. CoQ10 is now turning up in all sorts of creams and anti-ageing cosmetics potions as the miracle ingredient. The reason why CoQ10 has found its way into pricey little jars that are sold over the counter at DJ’s is that it is a marvellous antioxidant. Like other antioxidants CoQ10 can mop up nasties that promote the formation of wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Under the skin, antioxidants such as CoQ10 offer protection against cancer and heart disease.


CoQ10 helps make energy. Nutrition texts liken CoQ10 to the spark plug in a car. This analogy is entirely lost on me, as what goes on under the car bonnet is as foreign to me as Mars. However, it’s useful for those who possess mechanical skills. Anyway…it appears that this little co-enzyme is needed by the energy making bits in cells — mitochondria. Cells that require lots and lots of energy are the muscle cells of the heart.

There is evidence that people with heart problems involving the heart muscle itself such as cardiomyopathy, valve weakness and even angina, have noticed a big improvement in symptoms including breathlessness, fatigue and pain by taking CoQ10. It’s fine to take this supplement with other medication.


Top-class athletes take CoQ10. Again, this is because of its assistance with energy-making in cells. Cells prized by athletes are muscle cells. CoQ10 is particularly good for endurance sports like triathlon, running and cycling.


If you think your dentist bill is bad…wait until you visit the periodontist. One of the major causes of toothlessness is not bad teeth, it’s bad gums. Gingivitis (gum disease) is very common and a bore to treat. Floss, floss, floss and then some painful digging around by the periodontist. CoQ10 can be a gum saver. It helps to reverse the bleeding and inflammation of gum disease. Also take Vitamin C and bioflavonoids.

Good quality CoQ10 is costly, and to be effective you need to take around 50-100mg per day. As it is an expensive supplement I would suggest you give it a go for 3 months, and if it doesn’t do the trick, try something else. If CoQ10 helps you, the chances are you’ll become one of the thousands of grateful devotees.