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Three food tips to keep in mind at Easter

1. For a chocolate treat without the guilt In a bowl, combine two teaspoons best quality cocoa powder, one teaspoon maple syrup, two teaspoons dessicated coconut. Stir in half a…

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Chocolate – redeemed

To say that chocolate is confectionery is like saying a diamond is a hardened lump of carbon. Both statements are true, but they totally miss the point. Chocolates are not…

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Chickens, hormones and the end of an urban myth

I am guilty of perpetuating an urban myth — the one about chickens being force-fed hormones. For years I believed the story. What else could explain chicken breasts the size…

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Calcium is a major league mineral. Mainly because there is so much of the stuff in our body. Up to 2% of our body weight is made up of calcium,…

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