Weight loss

The metabolic rate governs how quickly the body burns calories for energy. If you are interested in weight loss, you are interested in procuring a speedy metabolic rate.

We all know someone who eats like a sparrow but has the silhouette of a Christmas turkey. The problem with sparrow-style feeding (apart from the beak versus mouth issue), is that it lowers our metabolic rate.Exercise is a must. Before your eyes glaze over. Did you know that muscle cells burn more calories than fat cells? You don’t have to be buffed and ripped to increase the proportion of muscle to fat. The best plan is to organise a simple weights program (or boxing, Iyengar or Ashtanga yoga, or other strength-building exercise) along with some fat-burning huffing and puffing (aerobic) exercise such as fast walking, jogging, cycling or swimming. You need about 40-60 minutes of combined exercise 3-4 times a week. Not only will you look leaner, your metabolic rate will increase even while you sleep. So do it.

Going back to the sparrows, there is something to be said about eating frequently. Digesting food takes quite of lot of energy. The more frequently we eat, the faster we burn calories. It’s called grazing, and our stone-age relatives started the trend hundreds of thousands of years ago. As soon as they stumbled upon a cockroach, flower or root, in the mouth it would go. We have lost the knack. Instead, many people rush to work on an empty stomach, lucky to grab a coffee before lunch. Sometimes missing lunch too, eating one large meal late at night. BIG MISTAKE.

Eating frequently takes practice and planning. Every two to three hours eat something. The something does not include chocolate. Each small meal needs to have a little protein and some carbohydrate. For example: an egg on toast, tuna and rice, chicken breast and salad, cottage cheese and an apple, baked beans on toast, ricotta on a cracker, lean meat and vegetables. By eating protein often throughout the day, I promise you will not feel hungry and your energy levels will remain high. Keep fat to a minimum by choosing low fat options and not adding any salad dressings, butter and margarine.

Losing weight is not easy, that’s why there is liposuction, weight-and-money-removal-studios, stomach stapling and diet pills. Then again, if losing weight was too easy, we probably would be spending big bucks to increase our love handles.