We are what we think

positive thinking - mim beim
The influence our thoughts and emotions have on our health is now scientifically proven and Josephine Formosa explores this area.

You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘You are what you eat’, but have you heard ‘You are what you think’? There is so much media focus on body image and physical health that we are seduced into looking outside of ourselves for personal validation. If we fit into the images that are presented in magazines and on TV that promote the ideal image, then at least in that moment: you’ve made it! Until there’s another image to measure up to, and you’re again challenged to morph into the new image, and so it goes on.

Being conscious of the food we eat is very important, because food sustains our health and well being. But as food is to our body, thoughts are to our whole Being, ‘You are what you think!’. Thoughts have power, they shape and define who we are. They create an image of our world as we see it, know it and understand it.

There’s always something going on in our head. Have you noticed how you can be walking, working or talking and yet there are many thoughts going on in your head? It’s as if your mind is having a conversation with itself.

Our mind is talking to us without our permission, it is distracting us; it evokes our feelings in ways that make us feel good and at other times can make us feel bad. The mind seems to be constantly chatting, even when we don’t want it to and it’s really hard to silence the mind, to manage it, or even to understand it. But we can observe it.

We can read books, listen to CDs and look at videos on how to improve ourselves and our lives; but at the end of the day, there is no substitute for action. It is through doing something different, that change happens.

Over the next five days I invite you to observe your thoughts. Whenever you remember, observe what you’re thinking and either jot down your thoughts, or make a mental note.

What are the themes of your thoughts? Do you praise yourself, or do you put yourself down? Do you compare yourself with others and feel less or are you grateful for being who you are? Observe the impact your thoughts have on your emotions, your body, and your action. You may not know the source of your thoughts, but once you observe them, you can note the impact they have on your emotions and on your body. Choose the thoughts you wish to cultivate, by giving those thoughts your time and energy.

Kindness, compassion and love are energies that we naturally gravitate to. They are the food that nurtures our mind, heart and body. They promote our well being and our personal growth. ‘You are what you Think!’.