Paleo Diet – When old is new again


The Paleo diet is a recent version of diets that style themselves on the diet humans supposedly evolved on, way back when, in the Stone Age.

Personally, I am swayed by this philosophy of avoiding food that has only been ‘invented’ in the last few thousand years. After all, our anatomy and digestive physiology has changed little over hundreds of thousands of years.

A rock fossil of a fish, a food that was once in plentiful supply and made up a large part of the Paleolithic, or Stone Age, diet

The Paleo Diet recommends we eat mainly raw foods, or as little cooked as possible. All flesh foods are acceptable (after all we were supremo carnivores) as well as fruits, vegetables and nuts. On the ‘no go’ list are all processed foods, sugar, grains and legumes. It’s the latter two, grains and legumes, that many people find difficult to digest! After all, aren’t whole grains and legumes are high in fibre, low in fat and full of nutrients? Well, yes they are. But…

Agriculture and the practice of sowing and reaping crops is a relatively recent human endeavour, around for roughly 12 thousand years. A mere bagatelle in human development. Out they go, as well as all that delicious pasta, pizza, fresh crusty bread and wholesome lentil soup… boo hoo. I rather like Paula Goodyer’s pragmatic approach of adopting the best of both worlds… or maybe I’m a Paleo sook.

Have you heard of the Paleo Diet? What are your thoughts?