Green tea and weight loss


Weight loss is always going to be a popular topic. Most of us have a few unwanted kilos we’d like to shed.

So, when a miracle weight loss product containing green tea appears in the market, many people feel compelled to give it a go. Especially when that product is endorsed by a scientific study.

Unfortunately, for every study that shows green tea causes weight loss, there will be another 2 studies showing that it does not. Of course, the miracle product will be quoting the one study that says ‘yes’ to weight loss, and not the other studies saying ‘no’.

As we know there are lots of health benefits to be obtained by drinking green tea, including reducing risk of certain cancers, diabetes and heart disease.

However, there seems to be one recurring outcome of the many studies on weight loss, green tea seems to definitely have an affect on the type of fat. In particular visceral fat, the fat lining our organs including kidneys and liver. This is the dangerous distribution of fat, inclining us more towards heart disease. In addition, given that tea without milk or sugar contains no kilojoules, it is a great addition to a weight loss diet. Green tea – not a miracle cure, but a really healthy addition to your diet.