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BreathingWinter, Bring it On
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Winter, Bring it On

“Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides”

Lao Tzu


I didn’t know it was possible to mourn a garden. Even so, I am.  My heart hurts for the Apple gums, Agaves and Ginger lilies I left in Kangaroo Valley.  Yesterday, in my new and still awkward garden, I was taken aback to see the leaves and stems of a previously vigorous plant, yellow and shrivelled.  A victim of last week’s frost.

I knelt down, about to pull the plant from the soil.  A closer look.  Huddled close together, under the dead leaves were tender sprouts, hunkering down for the grim winter to come, ready to emerge come Spring. Stronger, better, bigger… Bring it on.


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