I strongly believe that we consume too much starch on daily basis.

While sandwiches are perceived as ‘convenience food’ at lunch times and could be mouth watering with fresh fillings and wonderful crusty breads, they are not the best option from a health point of view. I strongly believe that we consume too much starch on daily basis.

Eliminating excess starch from our diets would help prevent obesity and related illnesses and enhance our overall wellbeing. I recommend that you keep tabs on your family’s starch consumption and limit starchy foods to one meal a day, preferably in the mornings.

Now, getting back to sandwiches, they have to have healthy and delicious fillings, keep well and not get soggy by lunch -time. Here is some suggestions for fillings and bread types:

Fillings and bread-types

  • Use wholemeal, multi-grain, sourdough, wholemeal pocket and flat breads.
  • Use ‘fresh’ cooked meats, don’t be tempted by processed ‘deli’ meats.
  • To stop sandwiches from getting soggy, place lettuce, spinach, sprouts or similar greens on the bottom piece of bread, top with other fillings, finish off with another layer of the leafy greens. Close the sandwich with the second piece of bread. This way you will be able to prevent the bread from absorbing moisture from the filling.
  • For easy handling, cut sandwiches in half, then wrap each half separately. This way they will keep fresher and won’t fall apart when unwrapping.
  • Remember to pack plenty of paper napkins, no one likes getting messy, particularly kids.

Some fillings which will leave you satisfied:

  • Cold roast beef, horseradish cream, lettuce, tomato, grated carrot
  • Cold roast lamb, baby spinach leaves, tomato, grated carrot, chick pea and tahini dip used as a spread
  • Cold chicken, avocado, Spanish onion, tomato, lettuce
  • Tasty cheese, olive paste used as a spread, tomato, Spanish onion, snow pea sprouts
  • Egg, tomato, Spanish onion, cucumber, capsicum, baby spinach leaves
  • Cottage cheese, broccoli spouts, grated carrot, avocado, tomato, olive paste used as a spread
  • Tuna (well drained), lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, grated carrot, capsicum.