Brewing the perfect cup

Tips for brewing the perfect cuppa.

  1. Allow one teaspoon per cup for each friend.
  2. Add to warmed teapot or infuser.
  3. Pour on boiling water.
  4. Become aware of your breath and for the next 3-5 minutes, allow the aroma of the brewing herbs to enrich your life with health and happiness.
  5. Add honey or lemon if desired.
  6. Drink hot or cold.

You will find the right steeping time for your perfect cup. The teas containing more bark, seeds and root (eg Calm)
take longer to steep than the leafier varieties (eg Preggers, Glow).

Don’t throw the herbs away after the first cup, they can be brewed twice. Just add boiling water to the herbs and let them steep at least five minutes. Like all fresh produce, this is best done on the same day, so other creatures such as bacteria don’t start breeding there.