Wedding stress


Pre-wedding stress finally took its toll.

Sally has just married the love of her life, Joe. Their wedding was a wild success. The following morning, the happy couple jetted off to an island resort. Sally spent the entire honeymoon in a king-size bed. Not canoodling with her brand new husband, but coping with a nasty case of pneumonia.

Pre-wedding stress finally took its toll. In the three months prior to the wedding, Sally had started a challenging new job, studied and sat her university exams, and her beloved grandmother also died during this time. Being a perfectionist, Sally had planned the wedding, down to the finest detail. In hindsight, with all the stress, it was clear something had to give. And that something was Sally’s health.

Although the balmy island nights and white sandy beaches were wasted on his young bride, Joe was committed to gaining maximum value for their honeymoon dollar, by working on his tan as well as picking up a few hints on hula and limbo dancing. Sally’s story is not uncommon. That is becoming ill after a period of stress, not marrying a guy who hula’s solo, leaving his bride to cough up green phlegm alone in the honeymoon suite.

Pre-Wedding de-stress program

Tying the knot is a happy event, but it is also stressful. Stress places a great toll on your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to all sorts of infections. In the month before the big day, take a course of Echinacea to boost your immune system.  For frazzled nerves, take a high-potency B group vitamin each morning. The Bach Flower, Rescue Remedy, has rescued many anxious brides (brides mothers, bridesmaids et al) before the long walk down the aisle. Take a few drops under the tongue as needed. If you are a super-stresser, you may need extra help. Kava is a wonderful herb for anxiety, take one or two tablets a day for poised calm.  Drink a cup or more of Resilience and Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed,  daily to keep you hydrated and healthy, and relatively stress free for your coming nuptials.

Keep up your regular exercise routine even when life is becoming frantic. Exercise will keep you in shape for the gown, as well as removing the accumulated stress stored in your muscles Through all the pre-wedding excitement, with hen’s nights and parties, try to keep an eye on your diet, making sure you eat vegetables and fruit every day, and remember to drink at least as much water as champagne.