stop snoring naturally

Snoring is usually more of a health problem for others sleeping near the snorer. However, snoring indicates an obstruction of the airways.

Snorers often wake with a dry throat after breathing through their mouth for much of the night. Breathing through the mouth increases your chances of contracting a cold.

In some cases, sleep apnoea accompanies snoring… that is, breathing stops during sleep, often long enough to cause measurable decline in blood oxygen, which wakens the sleeper. This can happen as often as 30 times a night, leaving the individual tired and often grumpy during the day.

Why Me?

  • Men snore more frequently than women.
  • Snoring is three times more common in overweight people, possibly because the throat and tongue is overweight too, restricting the air passageway.
  • Sinusitis contributes to snoring.
  • Allergies, colds or any infection inflaming the throat tends to swell the area, narrowing the airway.

What To Do


  • Avoid alcohol. Alcohol swells mucous membranes and over-relaxes the throat muscles.
  • Avoid milk, chocolate and coffee.
  • Don’t eat a large meal late at night. If possible, eat your main meal at lunch, and keep the evening meal light such as a soup or salad.

Herbs and Supplements

  • If you suffer from sinusitis try some of the recommendations in Sinusitis.
  • SNIFFLE, the Beaming with Health herbal tea contains echinacea to help improve your immune system.

Other Steps

  • Lose weight.
  • Sleep on your side, rather than on your back, as this will close the airways.
  • Try one more pillow than normal to elevate the head.
  • A radical solution is to tape your mouth when you go to bed. Of course it is vital your nose is clear to breathe. Buy tape from the chemist that will not adhere too strongly to your skin. Fold over a bit at the end so the tape is easy to peel off.

At a glance

Good food
Eat lightly at night.
Food to avoid
Alcohol, coffee, chocolate, milk.
Remedies to begin
See Sinusitis.
Lose weight. Sleep on your side. Retention breathing.
Have you a stubborn streak?