Plan B – Dealing with Covid

plan b - dealing with covid

My! How quickly things change! Only a few months ago, in Australia, it was the unlucky few
who fell victim to the virus, now it seems catching Covid is common as muck. If avoiding Covid-19 was Plan A, welcome to Plan B.

This is your map for navigating your way through the vicissitudes of the virus, mitigating its effects, and hastening your recovery.

First plan of attack – Swoop

The best thing you can do is attack the virus as soon as possible. By this I mean at the first
hint, nay the slightest trace of a symptom – a simple sneeze or scratchy throat, you swoop.
Take 2 tablets containing a combination of Echinacea, Andrographis, Vitamin C, and zinc
(e.g. Armaforce) and follow up with another tablet in 3 hours. The rationale here is to check
the virus whilst it is still bloodborne, before it stakes claim to the mucous membranes of
your nose, throat, and lungs.

Nasal rinse

Use a saline nasal rinse daily, in addition, rinse after you have had contact with someone
who may have the virus. This will hopefully help prevent, and at the least reduce symptoms. Use a nasal rinse or douche rather than a spray as it is more thorough. Adapted from the ancient Ayurvedic Neti Pots, advice is the same, the water should be as warm as
your blood and salty as your tears. Buy the rinse and sachets from the chemist, any brand is
fine, Fess, Neil Med, Flo etc.

Resistance is futile

If the virus has taken hold, you must weather the storm. Resting and sleeping is the best
medicine. Don’t soldier on. Nap often. It is also vital to hydrate. Drink 3 litres of fluid daily,
water, broth, miso or herbal tea. Eat small simple meals, ensuring sufficient protein such as
eggs, chicken, fish, tofu, or broth. In addition, take the herbal tablet (above) every 2-3
hours, other supplements to consider include glutathione, elder, garlic, pelargonium, and
vitamin D.

Nasal Breathing

The mucous membranes lining the nasal cavity contains immune cells and nitric oxide which help inactivate bacteria, toxins… and viruses.   So, keep your mouth closed! 

If.. then

Hopefully, you will sail through, however, if you have one or more of these symptoms please
ring an ambulance. Oxygen levels <92% (it’s worth buying an oximeter), breathing rate >30
breaths per minute, chest pain, lips or face turning blue, confusion, fainting and decreased

After the Storm 

If you have been unlucky enough to be struck by the virus, it is important to recuperate. Learn more about the lost art of convalescing. 

Understand the importance of breathing well