Usually more of a nuisance than a medical problem, hiccups are the result of a spasm of the diaphragm.

Why Me?

No one is sure why they happen… possibly from swallowing too much air, or a nervous reaction.

What To Do

  • Laughter is the best medicine for a case of hiccups.
  • Take a deep breath, hold for ten seconds.
  • Before you take a breath hold your nose and drink a glass of water. An all-time favourite is attempting to drink water from the opposite side of the glass.
  • Hold a teaspoon of sugar under your tongue, and let it dissolve there while you drink a glass of water.
  • Hold the opening of a brown paper bag securely round your lips, breathe in and out through your mouth ten times.
  • The tissue salt Mag. phos. helps muscle spasms. Crush a tablet into a glass of water and sip.

At a glance

Good food
Food to avoid
Remedies to begin
Laughter, holding your breath, Mag. phos.
A hiccup makes sure you stop whatever you are doing. Perhaps you need to take some time out to contemplate.