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  Detoxing has become as fashionable as a Manolo Blahnik stiletto. In certain circumstances a gentle detox is justified. However I have several “issues” with the concept!

  Build relaxation into your life on a more regular basis than the occasional Day Spa. A day in a Day Spa is the latest fashion accessory. Although it sounds like you’ll spe

  Co-enzyme Q 10 is referred to as accessory nutrient, which makes it sound like it will go perfectly with that little black dress that works so well at cocktail parties. Howe

  A lack of physical energy can severely affect our powers of concentration. Meditation is a practical way to energise and build concentration. This particular meditation is

  I had no idea Mum was a closet aromatherapist. A fan of the seldom seen (but effective) treatment for the flu, popular in the late ’60s, she used to rub Vicks onto the sol

Some of the following suggestions may help to improve your sleep. Supper You don’t have to be a Jane Austen fan to enjoy supper. A light meal half to one hour before sleep will s


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