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  • Natural Remedies in COVID Times

    Natural Remedies in COVID Times

    The COVID-19 virus is 1,000 times more virulent than the 2003 SARS virus. That virus affected around 8,000 people whereas COVID-19 has already infected over 500,000 folk and counting. COVID-19 is...

  • Detox 101

    Detox 101

    With the amount of hype surrounding detoxification, you’d think detoxing was a new fad. Not so. For centuries, herbalists have been detoxifying their patients, it just wasn’t called detoxification. Herbs...

  • Adaptogens


    In the dark days of the Cold War, fedora wearing Soviet scientists spent countless hours researching substances to power their cosmonauts, and supercharge their Olympians, in a bid to outshine...