Herbal Teas

Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, Mim Beim has created 6 therapeutic blends using herbs chosen from the Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese and Western herbal materia medica.

Each biodegradable pyramid teabag can be used 2-3 times for a more economical healing cuppa. Each of Mim’s herbal tea sachets are compostable. Better for you, better for our planet.

Sleep Well

Myotape is a specialist mouth tape. It is designed to safely restore the habit of healthy nasal breathing day and night. Suitable for adults, and children older than four years, this simple breathing aid improves sleep, boosts health and enhances sporting performance.

Breathe Well Courses

 In Mim’s Breathe Well courses you will learn to recalibrate and re-establish functional breathing patterns and break old habits. Overcome conditions including anxiety, sleep apnoea, snoring, asthma, reflux, poor sleep, mouth breathing, teeth grinding and improve your concentration, energy and fitness.


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