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Tabbouleh combines my two favourite foods beginning with P.
Parsley and Pomegranate.

What I love about Tabbouleh is that parsley is the main ingredient rather than a token sprig used as a garnish. Parsley is hugely underrated. It contains massive amounts of vitamin C with 100g providing over 100% of your daily requirements. It is also a stand-out for magnesium, iron and calcium. Parsley is super easy to grow in your garden and in pots.

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Nasal Irrigation - Neti Pot clearing nasal cavity relieving sinusitis

Nasal Irrigation – Not as Scary as it Sounds

Nasal irrigation, commonly known as sinus cleansing, intra nasal douche, or nose bidet are highly effective and recommended techniques for promoting nasal and sinus hygiene, and reducing various sinus and nasal related ailments. These techniques are simple and easy to perform, and require only a few minutes each day to have a significant impact on the health and wellness of your sinuses.

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Healing fractures naturally

Fracture Repair

Breaking bones is part of life.  Generally, left to nature, they heal quite nicely.  However, if you’d like to hasten things along, here are some

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Chickpea Curry

Plant based eating is big news.  Even if you don’t go the whole hog, (sorry) and convert to veganism,  there are many benefits of increasing

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