Eating Well

The Common Sense Guide To Eating Well



The Commonsense Guide to Eating Well for the Nutritionally Bewildered

Are you frustrated by an ocean of conflicting information about what comprises a healthy diet? Are you bemused by the quickly changing fashions of which foods are the ‘healthiest’ for all of us?

Mim Beim’s, The Commonsense Guide to Eating Well for the Nutritionally Bewildered, brings us back to basics. We learn about the building blocks of the food we eat – carbohydrates, fat and protein, as well as vitamins and minerals.  Mim exposes popular misconceptions and explains how ‘baddies’ such coffee and alcohol, can, in moderation, be part of a healthy diet.

In a world which is flooded with information (and misinformation) about nutrition, Mim’s commonsense is spiced with an effervescence which informs, entertains and excites with simple clarity.  Now is the time for a book which empowers those who wish to plan a diet that is healthy and right for them and their families.

Although written last century, the fundamentals of a good diet have not changed.

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