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Want to know what foods are high in iron? Find out about Mim’s Low Starch Diet for losing weight and treating insulin resistance. The resources you need in a quick and easy format.

Or search below for anything from acne to warts, or recipes including quinoa to apples.


See Gum Disease

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Glandular Fever

Catching a kissing disease sounds like fun. Well, it’s not. Not remotely fun. Caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, glandular fever is a common infection in children and teenagers. It often…

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See Diabetes

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Glue Ear

See Ear Infections

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Gluten Free Eating

Gluten is a little protein molecule that is found in some grains, including wheat. For some people gluten is a big problem as it sparks off an intolerant or allergic…

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Gluten Intolerance

See Coeliac Disease

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Gout conjures up images of a hefty King Henry VIII with copious jowls, lolling around in an ermine coat, tucking into a pie of roast swan washed down with a…

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Gum Disease

If you’ve noticed you’re a little longer in the tooth lately, the cause may well be gingivitis – the first sign of periodontal disease. Periodontal means ‘around the tooth’ and…

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Haemochromatosis is a case of too much of a good thing. While iron deficiency anaemia is the most common nutritional deficiency, people with haemochromatosis have the opposite problem, they absorb…

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If you have a distended and painful varicose vein on your leg, you can expect sympathy and offers of support from your friends. If the exact same problem is in…

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See Bad Breath

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Most civilisations have enjoyed their own particular celebratory brew. All you need is a rotted or fermented vegetable, grain or fruit to create alcohol. Not surprisingly, the body has evolved…

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If 3 sneezes in a row is a sign of good luck, 10 sneezes is more likely to mean your luck has run out – and you probably have hayfever.…

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Headaches & Migraines

The ‘ache’ part of a headache is not derived from the brain, which feels no pain itself, but from highly sensitive nerve endings within the walls of the arteries (blood…

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Heart Disease

See Atherosclerosis, Blood Pressure, High and Cholesterol, High

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Reflux, commonly known as heartburn, strikes in the chest and can feeling frighteningly like a heart attack. Known medically as gastro-oesophageal disease (GORD, or Oh Gawd), occurs when the stomach…

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See Liver Problems

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Genital herpes are blisters which can burst into small ulcers. They occur on a man’s penis, scrotum and groin and in a woman’s vagina, vulva and cervix. They can also…

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