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A pretty potion….. Dream on.

A pretty potion….. Dream on.


The velvet orange petals, and feathery foliage of the Californian poppy (Eschscholzia californica) are not only highly prized by garden lovers. This poppy is also beloved by herbalists to help soothe emotions and bring on a sound and deep night’s sleep… with no grogginess in the morning. Used for millennia by Native Americans, Californian poppy, was described in the 1800’s by the Eclectic herbalists of the day, as being a ‘valuable analgesic and helpful for quieting pain and producing calm sleep’. Although in the poppy family, Californian poppy contains no opiates, is not addictive and is safe to take regularly over time.

I love Californian poppy (fondly known as Cal pop!) and use it in my herbal preparations for those patients with frayed nerves and for whom sleep is an issue. Cal pop is one of the ingredients in my best-selling Nighty Night blend, alongside Zizyphus, Withania, Hops and Chamomile.

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