Oxygen Advantage

Learn from world leading authority Patrick McKeown, author of bestselling book The Oxygen Advantage.

Moore Park

Physiocise Studio

Teach Oxygen Advantage with Patrick McKeown

3 Day


Moore Park

Physiocise Studio

Learn Oxygen Advantage with Patrick McKeown

1 Day - Adult

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High Performance Breathing to Unlock Your Potential

Delay the onset of lactic acid and fatigue, improve aerobic performance, improve VO2 max (maximal oxygen uptake and help maintain focus and concentration during competition.

The Oxygen Advantage Teaching course is suitable for fitness instructors, PT’s, sports psychologists, yoga and pilates teachers, physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, sports coach and anyone interested in sports performance. No prerequisies required. Earn CPD points. Qualification: Oxygen Advantage Instructor.

The Oxygen Advantage Learning course is suitable for anyone who enjoys exercise – from beginner level to elite. Running, swimming, cycling, rowing, any aerobic exercise.

Patrick McKeown
Patrick McKeown
Mim Beim
Mim Beim, Facilitator


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