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While researching heart disease in the 1950s, Konstantin Buteyko, a Russian medical researcher, developed a breathing technique that not only helped reduce high blood pressure, but also a variety of conditions including Asthma, Anxiety, IBS and Sinusitis.

Belly Breathing

If the muscles of your shoulders and neck feel perpetually tight and knotted, the chances are that you not using your diaphragm to breathe. Diaphragmatic or ‘belly breathing’ is not…

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Carbon Dioxide

The Buteyko breathing method believes that we need to increase carbon dioxide levels in the body. The Buteyko breathing method believes that we need to increase carbon dioxide levels in…

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Dr. No

Nitric Oxide improves the immune response as well as increasing blood and oxygen flow throughout the body, including the brain. Nitric Oxide (NO) is a naturally produced gas that medical…

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How does Buteyko breathing work?

The science behind the Buteyko breathing technique. Relaxes smooth muscle Smooth muscle lines the airways, blood vessels and digestive system. Contracted or constricted smooth muscle may result in Asthma, Reflux,…

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Increase Oxygen

It seems counterintuitive that higher carbon dioxide levels will increase oxygenation in the body. Yet it’s true. In fact, the Danish professor of physiology Christian Bohr sussed out how this…

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Rest and Relax

Switching on the Parasympathetic (or relaxing) nervous system will improve conditions including: anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, IBS, headaches and reflux. The Autonomic nervous system is comprised of two parts, the…

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Smooth Move

Relaxing smooth muscle is how Buteyko breathing naturally improves conditions including: High blood pressure, Asthma, Headaches, IBS, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Reflux, Coughing. Smooth muscle surrounds and lines all hollow structures in…

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