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Buteyko Trainer Mentoring


Buteyko Trainer Mentoring is designed to help recent graduates, or those with more experience, who still feel a bit wobbly, to develop confidence, skills, and knowledge in being a successful breathing trainer. Each month we will look at the fundamentals of the science of breathing, as well as specific cases and conditions, becoming fluent in how to determine the best protocol for each situation and client. Work with like-minded people in a collegiate atmosphere. Group mentoring is a safe space to ask any questions about breathing and about developing your breathing business.

Mim Beim will be facilitating this course. Mim is a naturopath with 35 years experience in addition to being a clinic supervisor and senior lecturer at naturopathic colleges. Mim became a Buteyko Trainer in 2011 after completing a 10 day course in Los Angeles, with Patrick McKeown. Mim has taught over 200 Buteyko courses, as well as hundreds of one-on-one Buteyko consultations.

Training is held over 3 1.5 hour classes via zoom. Class dates and time as follows:

Wednesday 10th November 6pm-7.30pm

Wednesday 17th November 6pm-7.30pm

Wednesday 24th November 6pm-7.30pm

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