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Buteyko Courses : Practitioner


  • Buteyko Practitioner Training - Reserve My Seat $499.99 Instalment

    Buteyko Practitioner Training - Reserve My Seat $499.99 Instalment

    Become a Buteyko Practitioner

    Are you interested in becoming one of a select group of Buteyko facilitators in Australia?

    The world’s leading authority on the Buteyko Method, Patrick McKeown together with naturopath and Buteyko Educator, Mim Beim, will run an exclusive four-day training program for an intimate group from 22-25 March 2020 at East Sydney Community and Arts Centre, Lower Ground Floor.

    Patrick will be presenting for 3-4 hours every day, teaching the fundamentals of the program.  The rest of the time, you will be led by Mim in the practical training, using role play and experiencing the technique for yourself. 

    This is your opportunity to be at the forefront of this fast emerging field of natural medicine. Hundreds of thousands of people in the Western world have successfully applied the Buteyko method to resolve and relieve symptoms of breathing problems, coupled with a myriad of health conditions.

    Course participants will receive an internationally acknowledged Certificate from Buteyko Professionals International, coupled with continued membership.

    No Prerequisites required - Earn CPD Points

    Who can attend? Anyone! The Buteyko Method is of particular interest to Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Psychologists, Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Speech Pathologists.

    Lower Ground Floor 
    East Sydney Community and Arts Centre
    34 Burton Street
    Darlinghurst NSW 2010
    Please note that the outstanding amount is due before 8 March 2020.
    • $499.99
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