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Breathe Well Course for Kids


The Breathe Well for Kids is course run over 3 sessions. It is available across four terms of the year and is taught in Sydney (Willoughby), Southern Highlands (Mittagong) and online.

Set your child up for a lifetime of breathing well. Dysfunctional breathing patterns increase your child’s risk of snoring, sleep apnoea, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, glue ear, poor concentration, anxiety, bedwetting, asthma, sinusitis, frequent coughs and colds and dental malocclusion.

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A parent(s) or guardian is required to attend SESSION ONE Breathing BASICS in advance to bringing the child to session two one week later. It is important you understand the basics of breathing well, and to learn and experience the breathing exercises before your child attends.

The 4-hour (2 x 2hr sessions online) breathing BASICS workshop is a breathing masterclass where you will learn how to recalibrate and re-establish functional breathing patterns and break old habits. Discover the principles and physiology of breathing and equip yourself with the knowledge to help your child breathe well…… and along the way improve your own breathing!

Mim will give you suggestions and homework to take home to your children in order to prepare for the following week’s workshop where you attend together.

Plus one or more parents, guardians or family are welcome to attend.


The 1.5 hour Breathing SOLUTIONS workshop is where you and your child attend together. Mim will teach your child some basic breathing principles as and exercises. Mim will ensure your child is doing the exercises properly and will prescribe ongoing exercises.

SESSION THREE Breathing RESET (1 hour online)arrow

A few weeks after completing session one (Breathing Basics) and session two with your child you will have noticed significant changes to your child’s breathing pattern and many other benefits. This one hour online class will help to fine-tune and streamline your child’s breathing and have a chance to ask Mim any questions you may have.

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