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Breathing is vital to life. You take between 20,000 – 30,000 breaths daily – but have you ever considered if you’re breathing correctly?

Optimise your breathing fitness to optimise your health, increase energy, concentration, focus and regulate your nervous system.

Join Naturopath & Breathing Coach Mim Beim in her unique live online 30-minute breathing classes based on the Buteyko Breathing Technique.

Find out how to supercharge your breathing and your health.

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Discover the Benefits of Buteyko Breathing

Better Sleep

Achieve the deep sleep your body needs. Enjoy a full night's rejuvenating sleep. Wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Calm Anxiety

Soothe your nervous system. Modulate the flight or fight reaction and regulate your response to stressful situations.

Quit snoring and sleep Apnoea

Treat snoring and minimise sleep apnoea. Breathing retraining helps restore healthy night-time breathing patterns.

Increase Focus

Calm your mind. Increase clarity of thought, focus and concentration. Improve cognition, memory and learning ability.

Reduce Asthma & Sinus

Manage asthma and sinus naturally with proven Buteyko Breathing Techniques. Reduce the need for medication.

Boost Fitness

Improve your physical performance. increase stamina, strength & endurance. Reduce recovery time.

Breathe Well Gym. Breathing Exercises based on the Buteyko Breathing Method. Help reduce asthma, anxiety, sleep apnoea, snoring, and sinus.

Optimise your
breathing fitness

Each class is conducted live and online by Mim Beim, one of Australia’s leading breathing coaches. You’ll be expertly guided through a series of exercises based on the science-based Buteyko Breathing Method

Each BREATHEWELL Gym class is designed to restore balance to your nervous system, increase focus concentration and boost energy levels.  Live classes to fit your schedule.

Improve sleep and energy.  Reduce snoring, sleep apnoea, asthma, sinus, headaches, anxiety, IBS, stiff and sore shoulders and blood pressure. 


The powerful breathing exercises taught in the BREATHEWELL Gym originate from the work of Ukrainian medical researcher Konstantin Buteyko. Over 50 years ago Buteyko discovered various breathing exercises that transformed people’s health.  Buteyko Breathing exercises, help reduce symptoms of asthma, sleep apnea, snoring, anxiety, and other breathing-related issues.

At its core, Buteyko breathing is all about reversing the dysfunctional breathing pattern known as Hyperventilation Syndrome. Hyperventilation Syndrome is chronic over breathing – breathing more than the body requires. Reversing this dysfunctional breathing pattern increases oxygen delivery to all cells in the body, including the brain, improves circulation and regulates your nervous system. 

In addition to Buteyko breathing exercises, the BREATHEWELL Gym class encompasses traditional centuries-old yogic and meditation techniques that have been scientifically proven to improve vagal nerve tone and increase heart rate variability – key indices to better physical and mental health. 

Other aspects of good breathing are taught including diaphragmatic breathing and tongue position.

The BREATHEWELL Gym, based on Buteyko Breathing Techniques, is focused on improving and restoring health.  In addition to helping manage asthma and sinus, insomnia, snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea, IBS, reflux and anxiety, the exercises improve concentration and focus and regulate your nervous system.

The BREATHEWELL Gym is  NOT about emotional release. 

Although you will notice feeling calmer and more emotionally poised as a result of the exercises.

The BREATHEWELL Gym is NOT about spiritual enlightenment.

Although your spirits will be lifted, and you will experience enhanced clarity.

The BREATHEWELL Gym is NOT meditation.

Although the exercises elicit similar mechanisms and physiological benefits obtained from meditation practice. 

The BREATHEWELL Gym is designed to improve your functional breathing patterns. Returning you to better health. 

Unlike a prerecorded video, each BREATHEWELL Class is conducted live in-person with Mim Beim, one of Australia’s leading breathing coaches. Mim has been teaching the Buteyko Breathing Technique for over a decade.  Mim was taught by the world’s leading expert, Patrick McKeown and has been awarded a fellowship of Buteyko Practitioners International. 

In each class you will be expertly led through scientifically proven breathing exercises designed to improve your health, energy and focus. Mim will be there to guide you, and recommend a variation in exercises, depending on your specific requirements. 

In each and every class Mim is there in person, instructing, motivating and challenging you to better breathing –  every step of the way.

The BREATHEWELL Gym is designed to be accessible to all.  From people looking to improve their specific health conditions to those wanting to experience more energy and focus to elite athletes wanting to improve their performance. Mim will suggest variations on exercises dependent on your needs. 

The BREATHEWELL Classes have been developed to have a positive impact on the following – 

Fitness, energy, concentration, sleep, snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea, reflux, IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, anxiety, sinus, TMJ pain, neck and shoulder pain.

Every BREATHEWELL Class is crafted from science-based breathing exercises linked together in a specific sequence. 

 ** Before your first class watch this short video demonstrating the breathing exercises

  1. Arrive. Take a moment to scan your body, mind and mood.
  2. Take your Control Pause (CP). The CP is a measurement of your breathing fitness.
  3. Three by Three. A sequence of three breaths followed by a pause. Helps bring awareness to your breathing and adapt your brain to the following exercises.
  4. The DRILL. This is the heart of the BREATHEWELL Class.  Made up of two key exercises, AIR HUNGER and the STEPS.  Repeat each exercise 3 times. 
  5. Resonance Breathing. A journey into diaphragmatic breathing, adopting a cadence or rhythm that has been proved to improve heart rate variability and vagal tone.
  6. Reconnect with your body, mind and mood. Notices the changes over the last 30 minutes. 
  7. Take your CP again. Notice the change over the last 30 minutes.
  8. Enjoy your day or evening, with more clarity and calm. 

The BREATHEWELL Gym is NOT a ‘once and done’ class.  Although you will feel immediate benefits, the goal is to retrain your breathing for long-lasting benefits.  The best results, just like going to other gyms, will be achieved with regular practice. 

5-7 classes a week – Breathing Bootcamp

If you want immediate changes and are willing to put in the effort to show significant results. 
3-5 classes a week  – Developing new breathing habits. Noticeable changes and you will keep improving. 

1-3 classes – Maintaining optimum breathing. Ideal for those wanting to keep their breathing fitness in tip-top shape. 


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Life Changing

Mim's breathing course changed my life. I used to struggle with anxiety/asthma-related symptoms (a tight chest, difficulty breathing, etc). I tried yoga and pilates but it never seemed to help long-term. Mim's course taught me how to breathe properly again. As my breathing improved my symptoms decreased. My chest and neck muscles are now relaxed and as a result, I no longer need to see the osteo nor do I feel as stressed by small things. I would recommend Mim's course to anyone wanting to find more calm and make long-term change in your breathing patterns. Mel


I found the course to be so worthwhile and know that a door has opened in my life which I can walk through and experience better health and tranquility like I have never known.
Hi Mim, The course was brilliant! The course was paced so well and very engaging. I am looking forward to more sessions with you. Aswini - Breathe Well Course
Wanted to let you know Mim, I am really enjoying the course. Thanks for your clear teaching style. Robyn - Breathe Well Course
When I was waiting for my presentation at the conference, my heart was jumping out of my chest. I started practising the breathing technique you suggested and magically I was able to calm myself in a matter of minutes. Caitlyn Breathe Well Course
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