In recent years, Mim began to explore the influence of breath on our health. She travelled in 2011 to Los Angeles to study with the world's leading Buteyko Breathing practitioner, Patrick McKeown.

Mim is now one of Australia's foremost breathing educators, helping people overcome conditions including asthma, sleep apnoea, snoring, anxiety, reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. In 2015 Mim was awarded a fellowship of the BPI (Buteyko Practitioners International).

Named after Russian medical researcher Konstantin Buteyko, Buteyko Breathing is essentially, breathing retraining. Most people assume their breathing must be fine because they are still alive. However, dysfunctional breathing has a huge impact on your health. Signs your breathing might be less than ideal include; mouth breathing, frequent yawning, sighing, sniffing and snoring. Conditions associated with dysfunctional breathing include; asthma, sinusitis, sleep apnoea, snoring, reflux, constipation or diarrhoea and anxiety.

The Buteyko course is like a breathing ‘boot camp’ with homework and daily practice to improve breathing patterns. The breathing centre in the brain will, via neuroplasticity, adapt to functional breathing, improving your health now, and for the long term.