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We are what we think

  The influence our thoughts and emotions have on our health is now scientifically proven and Josephine Formosa explores this area. You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘You are what you eat’, but have you heard ‘You are what you think’?…

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Wedding stress

  Pre-wedding stress finally took its toll. Sally has just married the love of her life, Joe. Their wedding was a wild success. The following morning, the happy couple jetted off to an island resort. Sally spent the entire honeymoon…

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In the dark days of the Cold War, fedora wearing Soviet scientists spent countless hours researching substances to power their cosmonauts, and supercharge their Olympians, in a bid to outshine and outdo arch rival, the United States of America. Their…

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Ros’s Yoga Breath Sequence

  Mim’s guest Ros Royal offers a yoga breath sequence to keep you calm and focused and improve circulation, posture and general wellbeing. Pictures of yoga poses (on the beach) included. A wonderful way to keep the body calm and…

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Ros’s Relaxation Series

  Ease tension in your spine, calm the nervous system and clear your head. Mim’s guest blogger Ros R offers a series of easy exercises to ease physical and mental stress, with step-by-step instructions. The gorgeous Ros R. (in her…

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  For relaxing and revitalising the eyes… Oh! so lovely! Another health tip from Ros R. Sit quietly and close the eyes. Rub the palms of the hands together vigorously until they become warm. Place the palms gently over the…

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Natural therapies snapshot

  It wasn’t too long ago that natural medicine was considered a vestige of the flower power era, something only hippies were into. Nowadays, complementary medicine has become almost mainstream. 60% of Australians regularly use herbal and vitamin supplements, and…

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Life Coaching

  Life Coach, Josephine Formosa writes about the inspiring life of Helen Keller, and how we all can live life as a ‘daring adventure’. To experience a taste of life coaching, Josephine is offering a free first session until the…

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