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In the dark days of the Cold War, fedora wearing Soviet scientists spent countless hours researching substances to power their cosmonauts, and supercharge their Olympians, in a bid to outshine and outdo arch rival, the United States of America. Their…

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A Bitter Pill

“A bitter pill to swallow" is a saying that must have had its origins in herbal medicine. Many herbal medicines are bitter, in fact, in the view of this grammatically flummoxed herbalist, the bitterer the betterer! Taste buds are bundles…

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In my 20's, a trip to Chinatown was not complete without buying two things - a round ceramic jar, painted with cherry blossoms, containing sticky squares of ginger in sweet syrup, and a pair of black cloth shoes with thin…

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Herbalism for Pets

  Did you know that dogs and cats are innate herbalists? They search for plant matter to improve digestion and elimination and they often prefer not to eat if they are feeling off colour. As their owners we can learn from…

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Herbal Aphrodisiacs

  Before Viagra, the natural world was scoured for aphrodisiacs from tiger’s dick to jackal’s bile, from ginseng to horny goat weed. Unfortunately, the area of sexuality is a prime target for scam artists, and there are many ‘natural’ products…

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Grow Your Own Medicine – Soil

  Contrary to popular assumption…soil is not dirt! Healthy soil is alive with helpful micro-organisms. Mim shares an extract of her gardening book, Grow Your Own Medicine to get you into your garden. Soil Soil is not dirt, a term…

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Echinacea Trial

  You may have read in the papers of a trial reported in the New England Journal of Medicine which concluded that Echinacea has no effect on the prevention and treatment of the common cold. While naturopaths welcome rigorous scientific…

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